What to Expect
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So you are thinking of joining the millions of campers at Manitoulin this year. Great! Here are some ideas and thoughts to help you through your week.

Planning is important.  You will get a schedule for the week but here is a general overview of the Camp.

Before you get to Camp make sure you make your travel arrangements.  Are you going by ferry or driving all around?

Family Camp starts on Saturday with a light evening program focused on the daily Bible readings.  You should plan on arriving during day light as it will definitely help with set up and getting acquainted with your surroundings.

Sunday, of course is the memorial service. This day is usually less stressful. This will allow you to visit others and get ready for the week.

Every morning we will start the day out with the Bible readings so try to be on time!  Then the kids will go to their various classes while the adults listen to the speakers for the day.  There will be 2 classes, one from each speaker with a coffee break between.  Your kids will also get 2 different teachers each day, giving the teachers a chance to listen to one of the adult classes. Thanks to all the teachers!

Every day the bathrooms will be closed for one hour for cleaning. Look for your name in the booklet since you may have a job to do during the week. Every day there will be swimming and boating. Volunteer to lifeguard and watch the boats one day! You could even fish (get a license please) or canoe, but please wear a life jacket. There are also sports each day so bring your glove, frisbee, basketball and other sports equipment.  Don’t forget the Agora, discussion time on the topic of the week (or Bible readings if we get that far!) with the speakers in the afternoon as well. There may even be a chance to get your singing voice going, so look out for choir announcements. The “general store” is also available if you need your basics of milk, bread and ice. Plus they may be willing to go to town and get you other specific needs, but don’t forget to pay your bill. The store also has great treats for the kids and young at heart, like candy bars and freezes. So don’t forget to bring your money with you.

Also, during the week there may be a Teddy’s Kingdom Picnic for those 0 to 6 years old, so have your child bring their favorite stuffed animal. Don’t forget to bring some materials to make a boat for the boat race one day in the week. Also there will be a sand castle competition so think of a good Bible theme for your creation on the beach.  In past years we have had a potluck dinner so plan your meals accordingly depending on the schedule for the year.

Every evening there will be a program for the family. Fellowship around the Halah – firepit, likely an ice cream social, teen devotions, campers quiet at their sites at 10:45 pm and lights out by 11:45 pm.

Now for some housekeeping notes you may need to know. You need to have clear garbage bags to put all your garbage (trash) into. Your garbage must be separated into cans, glass, plastic, cardboard and then everything else.

The weather on the Island may be anywhere from rainy and cold to hot and dry. So come prepared with rain gear, warm clothes for the evening (including long sleeves to keep the bugs off you), and cooler clothes for those hot times during the day.

You will be getting a camp schedule which will have the camp requirements in it. Please look this over as it will also help you prepare for the week. Read over the camp “rule and requirements”.

Note on departing. Due to the fact that the road is narrow and there will be incoming traffic for the next bible camp, times have been set up for our group to leave. This will help us from having to maneuver around those coming in for the next week. Look at the program book for these times. Normally they are 7-9am or 11am-1pm. So plan your trip home accordingly.

We hope this has helped you plan your visit to the Bible camp!